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Ancestors’ Wake

Deep in the desert of Northern Arizona, ground water is being poisoned by toxic waste.  As Kim, Miss Ada, (a Hopi grandmother) and her scientist son, Hubert, investigate the crime they find a ghoulish body near the toxic dumping grounds, ravaged by a mysterious disease that has little to do with ground water toxicity.  It is up to them to figure out the puzzle before the disease spreads to an unsuspecting population living just miles away.

A Tibetan nun has been taken as a political hostage and thrown into a Chinese prison to await a fate worse than death.  With a quick response from the other side of the world Kim, Miss Ada and Hubert join forces to do everything within their power to help her escape including calling on supernatural forces that know no boundaries.

Runaway hot air balloons, snarling cougars and a mythical land beyond the reach of oppression backdrop this tale of high action adventure, indigenous prophecy, romance and mystical teachings.  It is a story that melts down cultural and spiritual differences where the bottom line of life and death is all that counts.

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